What is Bosco Camp?

Bosco camp is a week packed with activities for children. For some of the children it will be the only holiday they have this year, sometimes the first holiday they have ever had. From the moment the children wake up, until they go to sleep, we hope that there is always something for them to do. This takes a lot of energy! For camp 2024 we hope to work with around 100 children week

Where do I sleep?

The helpers sleep in a dedicated area on site away from the children. Helpers generally sleep in tents between 4-8 people which are provided and set up prior to the start of camp.

What would I do at camp?

Each helper will have to complete the following three stage:
1. Undergo an informal interview.
2. Complete an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check.
3. Provide the names and contact details of two references.

What do I have to do to become helper?

New helpers are required to undergo a selection process and, along with existing helpers attend a training day to receive health & safety and safeguarding training.

We accept helpers aged 18 and over to apply to volunteer for camp.

We create an environment where each child is respected and encouraged, so that they discover new talents in themselves. Just like the children, every helper is different. We all need patience and good humour, but everyone has gifts to bring - and the different children need helpers who are sporty, helpers who are gentle, helpers who are energetic, helpers who are good listeners, etc.

In addition to running the activities for the children, meals are prepared each day for everyone at camp - children and helpers - and so there are times in the kitchen, and times washing up. But the atmosphere is superb, everyone gets involved together, and new people are always paired up with experienced helpers.

Saturday 6th April 2024

How old do I have to be to be a volunteer?

What's involved in the selection process?

When is the training day?