The St John Bosco Camp is a week-long Catholic summer camp for children aged 9-12.
The Camp offers a unique opportunity to explore the outdoors, make new friends, and deepen campers' faith through daily Mass and spiritual activities. Our experienced volunteers will guide campers through exciting outdoor activities like swimming, climbing, and team-building games, while providing a supportive environment for them to grow in their faith. It is our mission to make St John Bosco Camp an incredible summer experience.


Inspired by St John Bosco, in 1935 a group of volunteers set up a summer camp to provide children from London, from impoverished backgrounds and in need of a holiday, with a place to spend a week of their summer in a supportive environment with a Catholic ethos. The St John Bosco Camp has existed in various locations in England, most recently at a site in Colchester under the umbrella of the SVP. The camp ran up to and including 2019 until the COVID 19 pandemic brought things to a halt. The St John Bosco Camp, although only operating in the summer school holidays, has been more than a holiday experience for many boys and girls, and volunteers too. The camp has helped shape the lives of so many young people, leading them in directions they may not have considered or experienced. It provides a unique offering for children which continues to be highly valued.


We follow a structured timetable with morning and afternoon sessions. Our activities include sports, arts & crafts, swimming, archery and team building activities, just to name a few! There is also free time available for children to undertake other supervised activities of their own choice.

brown wooden chess piece on chess board
brown wooden chess piece on chess board



We believe in providing equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their background, to experience the joy of summer camp.


We empower children by fostering their self-confidence, independence, and leadership skills through engaging activities and supportive environments.


We create a sense of belonging and foster positive relationships among campers, staff, and volunteers, building a strong and supportive camp community.

james allen


James is a Headteacher of a Catholic Primary School in Newham. He holds a level 3 Safeguarding qualification and has 25 years experience as a Safeguarding lead.


Maria has been a volunteer with the camp since 2010, having been a camper as a child. Maira is Head of Volunteer Recruitment and DDSO at The Kids Network and has been a programme manager in the Children’s charity sector since 2015.

Chrissie has been volunteering with the camp since 2010, having attended camp as a child. Chrissie is currently working as a Junior Software Engineer at Zopa Bank and will be involved with the camp’s marketing and website creation.

Claude warnick
compliance, health & safety
a man in a suit and glasses standing in front of a chalkboard
a man in a suit and glasses standing in front of a chalkboard
Chrissie O’Brien
Marketing and advertising

Claude is a Professor of Mathematical Physics and a Fellow of Queens’ College, Cambridge. He served as a Trustee of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy Trust for 8 years. He holds a NEBOSH NGC Health and Safety qualification and is Chair of the Safety Committee at his College.

Involved in the camp as a volunteer since 2008 and served as deputy camp leader. He has held roles in data security and protection since 2015 including at the Department of Education.

Alex Harris
Data Protection Officer
Andrew Sinnott
Vice Chair / Children's Recruitment
Fr MarkSwires
Nick Wells

Aged 58. now retired after a career in Finance. He has been involved in the Bosco project for 44 years, as both a child and a helper, taking on many roles including, Site Manager, Site Bookings, New Building project Manager, Gift Aid Coordinator.

Fr Mark studied English Literature and Philosophy before applying to train for the priesthood. He has been a priest within the Brentwood Diocese for 18 years and was appointed the Chaplin of the Bosco Camp by the Bishop.

He is a father of two and a Director within a global real estate services firm. He has been involved in the project for the last 15 years and served in recruitment and compliance roles and as a helper on camp.

Charles Theisinger
Children's Recruitment

He has been involved in the camp as a volunteer since 2006 and supported in marketing and recruitment. He works as a Lead Informatics Nurse in a London Trust.

Lilly Wells
Fr Dominic Howarth
Caritas Diocese of Brentwood Representative
Caitlin Peaper
Activities Organiser

A civil servant who has been involved with the Camp as a volunteer since 2012, sitting on the management committee within helper recruitment since 2018.

Fr Dominic has been a priest of Brentwood Diocese for over twenty years, and currently serves as Episcopal Vicar for Youth Ministry and Pastoral Care. He has extensive experience in youth ministry, including residential projects in the Diocese and abroad, and has been part of the Bosco Camp since 1991. He is a member of the Diocesan Safeguarding Commission.

In her final year, studying for a degree in sports and exercise science, and leading football-coaching sessions every weekend. She has been involved in camp since 2018 as a helper.

He works in a Catholic Primary School in East London whilst studying for a degree in Mathematics. He has been involved with Bosco camp as a helper since 2016 and has attended the camp as a child since the age of 8.

Joe Allen
Activities Organiser
Aaron Marchant
Risk Officer

He has been involved in the camp since attending as a child at the age of 10. He works as a corporate litigator at an international law firm and has a passion for theatre and books.

Involved with the Bosco Camp as a helper since 2002, having attended as a child between 1997 and 2000. He is Head of Investment Risk and Sustainable. Ownership at Railpen, a financial services firm based in London.